End Of Tenancy Cleaning in Wandsworth

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio Flat from £79
One Bedroom Flat from £137
Two Bedroom Flat from £159
Three Bedroom Flat from £181

If you have ever tried to clean an entire house or flat on your own, you know that is a huge challenge, even if you have several days to spare. A proper, in-depth cleaning will require more than a week, as well as different cleaning materials and specialised equipment. But why sacrificing your time, when you can dedicate it to more important things? Our cleaning experts will handle the chores professionally. All you need to do is book our end of tenancy cleaning service, which is available across Wandsworth.

We have massive experience in the professional cleaning business, where one of the most complex jobs is the final cleaning of rental homes before the tenants move out. This is why we created our end of tenancy cleaning service and offered it to tenants in Wandsworth and the nearby areas. While it includes extremely thorough and comprehensive cleaning for the purpose of passing a strict inventory inspection, it can be used landlords, letting agents and even private residents, too. You can book it before you move in your new home if you want a guaranteed cleanliness and deep sanitation.

tenancy cleaningBut one of the most important reasons for choosing our end of tenancy cleaning service is getting a full refund of the tenancy deposit. Usually, landlords charge at least a month’s worth of rent for a security deposit to protect themselves against unpaid rent, damages, unpaid utilities, etc. But the landlord can also keep the deposit if the property is handed back in a dirty, messy condition.

Guaranteeing our end of tenancy cleaning service, we also guarantee smooth passing of the final inspection. If the landlord is not satisfied with the level of cleanliness, we will return and re-clean, leaving everybody happy.

We offer a great level of comfort and convenience to our customers in Wandsworth. Our services can be booked on any day of the week. We are also flexible with the working hours, so we will arrive at a time that is convenient to you and leave only when the work is finished.

Don’t worry about the price – the end of tenancy cleaning service is not paid per hour. You can receive an individual quote that will depend on the size of the property and your personal requirements. Just contact us online or by phone and let us solve your end of tenancy cleaning problem!

“As it is the case with most tenants here in London, I had to pay a huge deposit to my landlord when I signed the lease contract. Now thanks to your company, I’m leaving the apartment in an impeccable condition and can have my money back. Thank you! Highly recommend your end of tenancy cleaning service! – Bradley”

“I never thought my rental apartment could be so clean and sparkling, even though I consider myself a bit obsessed with cleanness. Your company’s end of tenancy cleaning services turned out to be the perfect option for me and saved me lots of time and energy. My landlord is satisfied, as well, so I really appreciate what you have done. Thanks! – Gale”